A Package for Exploratory Data Analysis
 specially (but not exclusively) aimed at Census and Survey data - v. 5.2
d (March 2005)

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This version is obsolete and no longer supported. It is still online only for those users that may need some utilities present in it, and no longer available in the new fully Windows 32 version.

 Please, follow this link to download the new version.


ADDATI (Italian: Analisi Dei DATI - Data Analysis) is a menu-driven collection  of Multivariate Analysis routines.

It consists of a Menu of Analysis, that offers Distributions, Cross-tabulations, construction of Typologies, Principal Component Analysis, Analysis of Correspondences, hierarchical and non-hierarchical Clustering, and a Menu of Utilities.

The Manual (ca. 200 pages) has been published in Italian (S. Griguolo, M. Mazzanti, ADDATI - Guida all'uso, Editrice Libreria Progetto, Padova, 1998).

A PDF version in English and in Italian is available for downloading from this page. Though not really complete, they can be of help. In particular, the English version improves the one hastily prepared with the occasion of a recent FIVIMS Workshop held in Bangkok, April 2003.

Version 5.2d  (March 2005

With respect to version 5.2c, some internal modification in the package's structure have been introduced (scarcely visible to the user...).

Version 5.2c  (May 2004

Fixed a bug in NONGER, that caused an error in the very unlikely (yet possible!) case in which a partition had, when being optimised, a high number of empty classes.

In this version a pure Win32 application is used to display the graph of the objective-function for the sequence of optimal partitions. This fixes all the problems caused by the DOS graphic application used so far, that sometimes was incompatible with some video cards, especially on laptops.

Version 5.2b  (March 2004

Since version 5.01, written with the support of the Vulnerability Assessing and Mapping (VAM) Unit of the World Food Program, ADDATI has a multilingual structure. At present it can be installed in English or Italian. French and Spanish might follow.

The installation programme (SETUP), the general management routine ADDATI.EXE, the internal editor and the utility that displays the projections on factorial planes are Win32 applications. The other analysis and utility programmes are DOS (16 or 32 bit).

ADDATI offers an internal Win32 editor, automatically run to modify, or correct in case of error, the parameter files needed by some applications:  Distributions (DISTRIB), Cross-tabulations (CROSSTAB), Simulation of missing values (MISSVAL).

Many of the programmes have improved with respect to the previous versions.

Some aspects still need to be fine-tuned, but nothing so serious to hinder a profitable use of the package. 

January 2004 - Fixed a bug hindering the correct display of the names of the statistical units belonging to the last two classes in the case of a file NGnn.FPL, written by the Clusterin programme NONGER. The file FACPLAN.EXE is updated.

March 2004 - ACOMP, ACORR and NONGER accept now units' names up to 25 characters long; anyway, better to use shorter names whenever possible, not to clutter the projections onto the factorial planes. Names can be used as identifiers for the join operation in ArcView  (obviously, to this purpose they must make up a field in the table of attributes associated with the cartographic .shp file).

Main changes with respect to v. 5.01

  • FACPLAN, the utility that visualises the projection of units and/or variables on the factorial planes, is now a  Win32 application, with many options (thanks to the contribution of A. Ciavarella).

  • An item has been added to the FILE Menu, that helps importing  data files from EXCEL.

  • Various creepy bugs fixed in DISTRIB (Distributions), CROSSTAB (CrossTabulations),  AFATT  (Factorial Analyses) and NONGER (non-hierarchical Clustering).

  • The DOS Extender used to run the 32 bit most memory-demanding applications (Factorial Analyses, Clustering, etc.) has been changed. The DOS4GW Extender, used in versions preceding v. 5.1 did not work as expected under the Win2000 Service Packs and  XP. 
    Now ADDATI uses the WDOSX Extender by Michael Tippach, which should be also compatible with XP.

  • The format of the file NGCLASnn.TXT, written by NONGER and used to map the classification results has changed. So far, it was written as a text file, and some tedious editing operations were necessary before using it with ARC/VIEW to map a classification of geographic units. The format of the currently saved file (still a text file) is directly accepted by ARC/VIEW.

Each record of  file NGCLASnn consists now of three fields: the two first fields contain the identifier to be used for the joining with the cartographic data, respectively expressed as a string and as a number; the third field is the number of the class to which the unit is assigned.
The reason why the identifier is saved twice - as a string and as a number - is that often the user ignores how the id is declared in the table of attributes  associated with the shapefile.  Sometimes it is declared as a number, and leading zeros are ignored by ARC/VIEW when loading it; instead, if  it is an alphanumeric string, zeros are kept. These facts can hinder the joining.

With the id available in both formats, if the joining does not succeed with one of them the other should work.

Download Version  5.2d

ADDATI can be freely used for educational, research or professional purposes, provided that its use be explicitly acknowledged in all publications.

Last mixed DOS/Windows version of the package. Since now, please consider the advantages of using the new full Win32 version ADDAWIN.

  • ADDA52cINST.ZIP  (~2 MB)  installs the version 5.2c.
    Hopefully this is the last version with a mixed Windows32-DOS multi-lingual  structure. It uses a DOS Extender compatible with Win2000 and XP. See above for what concerns the changes.
    The zip
    ped file should be copied to an empty temporary folder. When exploded, it creates the files necessary to install ADDATI.     Run "SETUP " to install.

  • Manual_EN.zip (~960 KB) is the Manual in English, in PDF format. The manual is not included in the installation file and must be downloaded separately.

  • Manual_IT.ZIP (~850 KB) is the Manual in Italian, in PDF format. The manual is not included in the installation file and must be downloaded separately.

  • A data file (~0.5 MB) to test the capabilities of the Win32 version of  FACPLAN is available. The file is derived from a sample analysis prepared with P.Santacroce for a FAO Workshop in April 2003. The data table describes almost 40000 households by means of some tens of variables: the amount of data is therefore considerable. The file NG15.FPL is the result of a classification in 15 classes, and should be loaded in FACPLAN. It is accompanied by a text file that describes the variables briefly.     Download the file


Please, kindly inform me immediately if you find a bug, or if ADDATI behaves "strangely". Write to  silvio@cidoc.iuav.it  and attach a copy of the data file (please, zip it if it is large) and the control files (*.PAR) you used, plus a short description of the malfunction.

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